Graphis New Talent 2017: Merit Award


Gaslamp Tavern is an established bar and gastro pub, located in San Diego, CA. With its given success, owners want to move into the Austin, TX market. To be successful in this market, Gaslamp Tavern needs a fresh brand and menu to appeal to its new target audience. The contents of this project are my imagined set of new desired deliverables. 


Rebranding, Packaging, UX/UI Design



In recent years, Austin has seen a rapid demographic change and it is constantly changing. Its population has nearly doubled since the late 90s, with the rise of the tech industry playing a major role in this growth.

In a sea of casual bars, it can be hard to stand out in the downtown Austin market. Most patrons are looking for a Bourbon Street-like atmosphere, where they can walk causally from bar to bar. In Austin, there are two primary locations with these desired atmospheres, both within the heart of historic downtown. Know locally as the “Dirty Sixth,” downtown Sixth Street draws thousands of college students, music lovers and tourists.

Oppositely, just past major interstate 1-35, East Sixth Street has a mix of highbrow restaurants, art galleries and “hipster” bars. Groups here are found to be more mature, young professionals. This is Gaslamp Tavern’s new desired location.


The past core demographic has been families with children, but has shifted towards younger, casual groups. Based on research, young urban crowds (ages 21-40) are the new desired target audience.



Gaslamp Tavern's brand needs to still feel approachable and neighborly. The new target audience has come to look for a more rustic and welcoming environment. The brand needed to match this new environment. Catering to the historic nature of downtown Austin is a great way to make the brand more familiar. 



To cater to recent trends and demands, Gaslamp Tavern is now offering its house-brewed "Original Light Brew." Inspired by a history of farmers crafting beers using grains from their crops, the Original Light Brew was born. Through brewer supported-agriculture, crops were grown and malted locally to create a balanced beer using barley, rye and wheat.


A simple, clean look is all that was needed for this business' website. Viewers can get a taste of what Gaslamp Tavern's offerings, view happy hour offerings and see upcoming events all from the home page. 

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