During my time as a Graphic Design Intern at the H-E-B Corporate Offices, I had the privilege of working on concepting and branding a start-up artisan pizza offering for the Downtown San Antonio store (South Flores Market). I assisted in naming, creating the logo and brand, as well as concepting ideas for the ordering process. The components of this project are my imagined concept for this unique offering. 

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Branding, Packaging, Environmental Graphic Design



There is a demand in the market for inexpensive fresh and hand-made meals that are quick and easy to buy and eat. Since the lunch crowd at the Downtown South Flores Market is larger than anticipated, and the demographic appreciates high-quality food, an artisanal and hand-made 16” pizza will increase their lunch selection and increase H-E-B’s share in the area’s food service market. To make it quick and easy, ordering will be made simple, a’la the Which Wich system. This offering is also a test. If successful at the South Flores Market location, the pizza concept may be expanded to other fitting locations.


The audience is the areas workforce and residents. The target is busy, budget-minded, and a consumer of artisanal foods and convenience. Lunch goers who work nearby are looking for a quick, reasonably-priced artisanal lunch. These customers typically buy lunch at or near the store. They are patrons of area restaurants and are limited to a lunch hour from work. They do not typically live in the area, but may come by after work for a pizza and a beer if compelled by the food’s quality and the atmosphere.


‘Atsa P’za was designed to provide enjoyable, affordable, convenient and quality – all packaged in an authentic, artisan and approachable experience. The pizza will be 16 inches, which is ideal for two people. It will be made with fresh artisan dough, fresh store-made sauce (never frozen), rBST (growth hormone) free cheese, and nitrate and nitrite free sausage crumbles. The pizza will be priced at affordably at $10, and is promised to be made within 8-12 minutes.


The key words for this brand are: authentic, artisan, and approachable. Supporting brand characteristics are: real, easy, affordable, fresh, hand-made, high-quality, delicious, quick, causal and fun. 




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